Living with the Dragon!

It is hard to explain how one feels when they have a serious medical condition. Especially the one I have. I have Hepatitis C. It is a blood born illness. So you cant catch it from touching me or wiping my tears. You can only get it from my blood. I have heard many horror stories about the judgmental people in this world. But I guess you can not get mad them. For they do not know what something is. I know when I was first diagnosed with it I had never heard of it before then. I was scared and angry. Almost to the point where I could not explain how I felt about it. And if you don’t understand you are supposed to ask questions. But doctors mostly talk about your numbers and not what it is. So thank goodness for search engines right? So that is exactly what I did. I looked it up. Because I did not know what it was or even what it meant. Needless to say I learned a lot .  For a brief run down .. hepatitis C is a blood born illness that you get from infected blood. Needle sticks and tattoos things like that. When it was first diagnosed in people they didn’t know what it was. Then further and further along they realized it was different from the other forms of Hepatitis. It is still an inflammation of the liver. But unlike the other ones ..this one can kill you.

There are many different genotypes.. forms.. of HCV. I have genotype 1b. It is kinda hard to treat. Basically I have the stubborn one. As of right now I am being treated for my illness. I will treat for 48 weeks with a medicine that is in your bodies right now. Interferon. Where your body produces it my body doesn’t. I have many days where I am exhausted beyond anything I have ever been.  I am learning that living with this dragon is the hardest thing I have ever done. I mean I got it from IV drug use. No I have never worked or had blood transfusions . I got it through my decision to use a needle after someone. Yes for a few dollars I could be healthy and not going through all of this. But it was my decision my choice. No one to blame but me. Does it suck? Yes more than you know. But it does not define who I am as a person.  I am still me. Just me with HCV. Do I have regrets? Not really because I did not know just how strong I am until I got this. I have been through a lot and I do mean a lot. And yes I have come out on the other side. But this is the first time where I can not do anything about what I have. I can treat it and hope it works. But this will make my second time going through treatment. First liver said nope not today. And I was in the hospital for quite awhile. My liver crapped out on me. Due to the treatment meds. So to tell you I am not scared who be telling you a lie. I am freaking terrified right now. I was given a 26% recovery rate WITH treatment. Without it goes down to 0%.. Now to look at that from another stand point. I have a 26% chance that I could “clear” the virus. That is 26% out of 100%. Numbers pretty much speak for themselves right there.  And that is a scary thought. I am having to come to grips with a lot of things in my life.  I mean not to many people are faced with something like this. It was just dropped in my lap. Here you go .. You have HEP C. So now I have gotten over the part where I feel sorry for myself. I do  not have time for that now. I have to put up a fight that I can say I dread. The meds make you sick. And I do mean sick. Heck the virus itself makes you sick. Now granted you can live with it for many years before you get symptomatic. Some people do not even know they have it. Cause there is not set symptoms. You just go to the doctor and then you get a call that you have it. Then the treatment is so hard on the body that a lot of people with it cant make it through the treatment process. I have been pretty sick this week. And it is only my first week. I prepared for it as best as I could but how do you prepare to be sicker than ever? Well you don’t. So as I go through this journey I am going to share it with everyone. So that if you have or if you love someone who has it you  can be better prepared to fight the dragon.

By aprilgaddis10

3 comments on “Living with the Dragon!

  1. April I am so sorry you are having to treat & suffer with such low chance of success. Have you asked your doc about the new tx options? I went thru SOC 2x and now waiting to have a go with the new meds! barely any sx and 90-100% cure rate. maybe before you go too much further, you can examine your options?
    I pray what ever you do, that it works this time!!!!
    love jerialice

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