I can not explain how I feel…

It is hard to explain to someone what this feels like if they have never been through it themselves. I am asked a lot..How are you feeling? I want to tell them but I do not think they will understand. So I use the old line.. I just don’t feel good. I figure that should cover the asking of more questions. When in reality every bone in my body hurts even my hair. I can not get warm and I have to sleep sitting up. Which all of that sucks. But that is my reality now. And explaining how I am feeling emotionally well I have pretty much given up on that. Cause I do not know how I feel .

Living with liver disease is hard to explain to someone. You are tired, you ache, your moody, you are physically sick. But unless I am jaundice you would never know. And to the people that know about it we fight every single day for our lives even if we don’t look sick.

I had someone say I was lazy. I have had people offer advice on things to do to help me. I try not to be rude but at this point all that is heading out the window. I am tired of explaining to people at this point. Some times I just want to be left alone with all of it. But I know that is not the answer. I need people in my life. The day after my shot is the worse and this morning is no exception. I feel miserable and I do not want to take it out on anyone. But I probably will. I guess I will lay down and cuddle up to my dog.

By aprilgaddis10

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