The price of a life

Many of us have heard the saying that there is no price on ones life. I know I have. But the older I get the more I see that there is a price. Throughout our lives we have had to pay for things that makes our life not free. For instance, when you are sick you pay for medicine to get you well. Even though you may not have to do it often you do pend a few bucks here and there to get better. Well what about those people who have a chronic or terminal illness?  Like me, I have HCV and the medicines that I have to have to save me at this point are running $120,000. And they make me sick. Now they have new meds that are supposed to be better on side effects and those run around a $1,000 a pill. To me that is crazy. I never thought that I would get sick and now that I have been through the treatment before I am realizing far to many times that the world and your health is in someone elses hands. I do not understand one but why the drug companies do not think about the little guy. I do not understand why the poor have to live and suffer why the rich do not. I look at people I know and it makes me sick all of the things we have to go through just to be better. Seeing as there is no “cure; so to speak for my illness. It pains me to think about other people in my situation. I have some people say not to complain about things because you can get insurance now. Well to that I say this. Is it fail for someone with a pre exsisting condition to have to pay thousands a month for a insurance that may or may not cover the meds you need once a month. Unfortunately that is what me and others have to face. Insurance companies that refuse to pay because it is not covered anymore. It makes me sick to think that someone who is like me can not pay to make themselves better.

I understand that everything has a price. But I realize that the one thing that is priceless can cost you so much more. I do not understand that at all. We all were given this life , yes even the big drug companies, to make it what we can. But I just do not get how my life can cost so much to save it? Is that like saying one persons life means more because they can pay for it? I know in my heart that there has to be a way somewhere that the ones that need it can get it. I bet they would not turn down their family member because they were sick. I know that the stigma with HCV is not a good one. And maybe they think because we have it we all got it the same way. I do not know . But regardless how we got it. I think we should be able to be treated and not have to cost us an arm and a leg. I am sickened by the though of some of the things I have read concerning the cost for a “cure”. And I look at the ones that I love and I know suffer with me and think to me their lives are priceless. I just do not understand if their lives are priceless to me .. what gives the companies that make the meds the right to put a price on anyone life.?

By aprilgaddis10

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