The way things work out….

 In life we sometimes take things for granted. And we expect things to be the way we want them. But rarely do they always turn out the way we want. Life is so full or surprises and none of us know from day to day what it will really hold for us. I mean sure we get up go to work or school, take care of children, take care of pets.. we do things that are “normal” so to speak. But if you look back lets say the past year… Have things always everyday worked out the way you wanted them too?

I know in my personal life for me they haven’t. I look at this time last year and no I can say for me the past year has been unexpected. Earlier last year I was raped. It was quite brutal and it changed the direction my life was headed. I met new friends and started the journey back to a place where I was always just visiting. You know holidays and such. And now here I am a year later almost and I am not a visitor I am family again. I live where I grew up and I have my life surrounded by people who know and  love me. I never thought for a million years it would be like this. And then to top it off now we are dealing with treatment again.. The night before the shot is always bad its no sleep just worrying . I guess it is because I am the one  that has to be sick. Not sure. But a year ago I would have never thought my life would be where it is today. I am a published author, I am going to school, I work with a great non- profit that educates about hepatitis c. I am happy. So I guess I had to go through the brutal rape and all of that to be able to be strong for the fight of my life….

By aprilgaddis10

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