Outside Looking In…

By now if you have read any of my posts or know me personally you know that I have struggled with many things over the years. One of those things is just as important to me as my disease.. it is another disease that I suffer from. Addiction.

Here recently it has been all over the news because of the overdoses of some celebrities since last year. I get that now it is coming up into conversation because it is on the news and we as a society have conversations about what we hear and see even if it has nothing to do with us personally. That is just how it is. Being someone whose addiction was there for all to see. I feel like we as a society should stop with the “oh I feel sorry for them.. They knew it was bad” crap that we say. In my 17 years as a using addict I knew it was not good for me. I did not care. I was chasing a high that no matter what I did I never found again. And I am not the only one that has said those words. Drugs are a way for someone to escape. It is not for you to understand. And it is not for you to judge. A person does what they chose to do with their life. Each of us has chosen a path we take. And sometimes along the way you get lost. It is part of life for some. Does it suck yes of course it does. But addiction is a very real thing. And to only speak about it when someone dies is a shame.

The reality of the situation is this.. drugs are a very real thing. And no I am not talking about the Washington stuff about legalizing a drug. I am talking about the horror stories you read when you type any drug really into a search engine. I mean it is getting to a point that people do not care how they escape from reality they just want to do it. I recently read about a drug that eats your body from the inside out. I mean why???? I can not say the using addict April would have never tried it. Because the reality of it was if I were high I probably would not have cared.  I just wish we as a society would stop closing our eyes to this. Realize it is there. And try to be vigilant and see the signs before it is too late. I hate that it takes the death of someone famous to see a problem. But you reading this now may have an issue. I know I can not save you all. I can only save me. But I want to be able to say as a grateful recovering addict…. I AM ALIVE BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO DIE! Now I am fighting for my life because I wanted to get high! Doesn’t make sense does it? On the outside looking in on an addict…. You have no idea just how sick we really are!


By aprilgaddis10

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