As I sit here and I think of my life and the could haves and would haves. I wonder about the way my life has turned out. Here I am fighting for my life and I sit back and see others that take their lives for granted. I see myself in others how they are living now. I wonder if I give advice becauseĀ  I want to save them? Honestly I do not know. But I am tired of being there for others and in the end all I get is disrespected. Maybe it is like that because of the things I did in my past. The way I treated others and this is like a kind of karma coming back to bite me.. I do not know. All I know is I wish that the younger me would have listened to what I was told back in the day. Maybe life for me would not be what it is right now. Who can say really? I guess that I had to learn the hard way. It is just sad to me that my hard way has lead me to what I am going through now. I just hope that for some their hard way is not the end for them. But tonight I will pray for the still suffering addict and hope that they find peace and another day..

By aprilgaddis10

2 comments on “Really?

  1. April- good stuff honey, I bet most of us wish we’d had a time machine.
    Thing is for now you are doing great and you are saving the one who CAN hekp others! That would be you. God bless you and keep the faith.
    Love Jerialice ex- everything.

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