Homeowner says stripper tenant has family living in fear



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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — A woman, who asked to be identified only as Carrie, has lived in her Shadow Hills home for 21 years.

But for the last six months, she claims her tenant has her family living in fear.

“My house has turned into a battleground,” Carrie said.

Two years ago, Carrie started renting a room to 26-year-old Sara Rogers for $1,500 a month. And even though Rogers filled out her application using a different last name, Carrie said her reason seemed legitimate.

“She said … ‘I’m getting divorced. I was only married for a short time, so I changed my name,'” Carrie said.Homeowner say stripper tenant has family living in fear

Rogers said she was a student who worked at the strip club Deja Vu in downtown Los Angeles.

Everything was fine for the first year.

But in late 2013, Carrie said Roger’s friends moved in, she got cats, installed an air…

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