Photo of serial killer’s controversial ‘death row’ tattoo made public

he dont seem real remorseful….

gibson Collage

INDIANA — An image of a serial killer’s controversial tattoo he got while on death row was released Wednesday for the public to view.

The tattoo, which reads “Death Row X3,” covers much of the back of William Clyde Gibson’s head and is an obvious reference to his convictions in three murders, according to WAVE.

But, Gibson can only be sentenced to death twice.

Gibson was given the death penalty for killing his mother’s best friend, 75-year-old Christine Whitis, in 2012. After making a plea deal in the 2002 murder of Karen Hodella, he received a 65-year prison term for her death. The sentencing phase of the third murder case currently is underway.

Although Gibson pleaded guilty to Stephanie Kirk’s 2012 murder, he could be sentenced to death for her killing.

The photo of Gibson’s tattoo was released as part of evidence logged in by police. Officials say the tattoo is  controversial because he got…

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