Terrifying photo shows woman hiding from intruder on roof



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VENICE, Calif. —  A woman’s daring escape from a home intruder, in which she bailed out of a second-story window and onto her roof, was caught in a terrifying photo.

According to KTLA, Melora Rivera was forced to crawl out of a window Wednesday morning, wearing only a flannel shirt, after someone broke into her home.

Neighbors say the intruder was a known homeless man in the area.

The homeless man followed Rivera after she crawled through a window and onto the rooftop. She then used her cellphone to call 911.

The intruder was identified as 29-year-old Christian Hicks.

He was arrested and is being held on a $50,000 bail.

Source: KTLA

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Netflix will show perpetual ‘spinning wheel of death’ symbol Wednesday



Your Internet won’t be any slower than usual on Wednesday, but it might look like it is.

Top sites on the Internet, including Netflix and Reddit, will be displaying a constant “loading” symbol — the so-called “loading pinwheel” or, alternately, the Spinning Wheel of Death.

It’s part of a protest called “Internet Slowdown Day,” a push against the U.S. government’s support for so-called Internet fast lanes.

The Federal Communications Commission in May proposed allowing broadband providers to charge companies like Amazon and Netflix for prioritized access to consumers. The proposal is now open for public comment and could be changed before a final vote to implement it.

As part of the Internet Slowdown Day protest, the websites will also include a prompt to contact your lawmakers about the FCC proposal.

“It’s always hard to explain complicated topics to a lot of people, and the FCC made it harder by trying…

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Nick Saban Has Some Very Nick Saban Thoughts On The Internet

Roll Tide


Nick Saban

Professional curmudgeon Nick Saban is doing his thing again, telling us what’s wrong with technology. The Alabama head football coach delivered this line about the internet, presumably in a barn, on top of a pile of hay, while carrying a kerosene lantern.

“Hey Nick, why don’t you and the family come over to dinner on Sunday?
“Sure, how do I get to your house?”
“Just Google Map—oh nevermind.”

Nick Saban’s special. That’s really the best way to describe him.

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More than 30 teens escape from detention center


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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Authorities say 15 of the 32 teenagers who escaped from Nashville’s Woodland Hills Youth Development Center late Monday night have been taken into custody.

The search for the remaining 17 escapees is ongoing.

According to Rob Johnson, communications director for the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, the teens escaped shortly after an employee shift change.

“At about 11 o’clock last night, about 32 youth – we believe – got out of their dorms and managed to slip underneath the perimeter fence,” he said.

Two of the teens were captured quickly, and several more were back in custody by 4 a.m.

Officers were seen combing through the area on foot with K-9s and from a helicopter.

Johnson says the escape happened after a disturbance. It was not immediately clear if any workers were injured.

“Staffing is lighter during the overnight hours, and so, presumably, they planned…

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WWII veteran attacked outside hospital after visiting ailing wife


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CINCINNATI —A World War II veteran is in the hospital after he was attacked in the parking lot of Good Samaritan Hospital while visiting his sick wife.

According to WLWT, 86-year-old veteran Paul Browning was walking to the car after visiting his ailing 89-year-old wife in the hospital when he was beaten up by an attacker.

Police say the attacker Craig Phelps, 30, punched the war vet continuously, pushed him to the ground and tried to steal his wallet.

After Browning refused to give up his wallet, the attacker suddenly helped the man up, apologized and told him he thought he was someone else.

Family say after their grandfather drove home after being attacked.

Browning was later admitted to the hospital for his injuries after doctors detected an irregular heartbeat. He is scheduled for surgery Wednesday morning but the family said doctors are unclear if the attack caused the heart issue.

Phelps was arrested and is…

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