Start Your Day Right With This Orchestra’s Cover Of Rage Against The Machine

This is pretty awesome!


The other day we received an email from a gentleman named Nick Proch with a link to the above video of a “full, professional orchestra” performing Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name.” Needless to say… CLICK. As you can see, this isn’t just some random group of flautists and whatever they call a person who plays the oboe jamming out to an old favorite for the sake of said clicks, as these talented musicians really delivered a hell of a Rage cover, from the violins to the heavy brass. And there’s something really understated-yet-awesome about hearing “F*ck you, I won’t do what you tell me!” played by trombones.

It turns out that Proch, who arranged and conducted this performance, has launched a Kickstarter to make an entire album of cover songs like this one. Entitled “Tantamount,” it will (hopefully) include songs like Pearl Jam’s “Black” and My Chemical…

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By aprilgaddis10

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