Just a thought

Here lately I have been going through a lot of personal issues and been thinking about this thing we call life as a whole. Each of us made up of the same things with different parts. We all have loved, hated, felt pain, experienced death, see sickness and happiness joy and grief. Every single one of us is affecting each other. If you were to go around in this life and not experience any of these things then you would not be alive. See no matter what is going on in the world around us. We as a human race have to go through all of this. You may live in a completely different part of the world as me but at one time or another have felt the same thing. I look at the news and I see all the things that are going on in the world and I look out my window and yet none of it is there. I see all the death, destruction, mayhem and unjust – I see all of this and wonder how it effects me. As I sit in this small town in rural North Carolina- I wonder HOW this all effects me and the ones I know and love. We walk around this town and we only know if it effects us if someone in the community is effected. A friend of a friend of a friend type thing. But everything that does happen does affect us. See in this world we are all brothers and sisters to each other. In the real world we are all family. So what affects one affects all. All of the pain that this world has is directly part of our own lives. We live in a world of fear and anger towards each other. Envy and greed are parts of everyday life. And yet we as a community are defenseless to all of it. We kill each other, infect each other, blame each other and take no responsibility for anything. It is never enough. When do we as a people figure out that none of us are better than each other. That we as a whole can become one if we really wanted too. But we don’t we want to continue this road of selfishness and forget that we are one. No matter your race, religion, sex or sexual preference… We are one… It takes all of us to be what we are. We have to have one for the other a tit for tat type thing. Yet we are too blind to see that.. So when do we wake up?

By aprilgaddis10

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