Random thoughts for today

As I sit here doing what I normally do. I think about the things that have happened here recently. I look through my email account every morning like clock work. I am sure others do that same thing as well. I see email after email about the things going on in the world around me. It is the day after election day here. I got to vote for the first time in a long time yesterday. For me that is big because until just a few weeks ago I didn’t have the right to vote. I am not very political I guess. I mean I watched the ads where people and parties bashed each other. I am not even sure what party I affiliate with really. I do know this.. Most politicians do not tell the truth. I mean really what it boils down to is who has better talk game than the other. Kind of a popularity contest really. And I guess at times the talk game each candidate has really decides the outcome. Like I said not really saying I am republican , democrat, or liberal. Kind of the type who reads between the lines. But I am not one who in any way, shape or form gets upset over an election. Yet as I read different comments on different sites I am beginning to see just how upset people get over elections. And honestly I just don’t get it. While I was voting yesterday I did not think about what someone else would feel about a particular issue or candidate .. I voted for who I as an individual believed was full of less bullshit than the other. That was it. I mean in society today we even though we do not run for office do the same bashing as the candidates do during election time. We are just as full of the bullshit the other 364 days of the year. But yet it all comes down to who you believe on the one day of the year. And then get pissy when who we voted for doesn’t get in. Seeing this through family and friends kind of blows my mind. Before I voted I did look at stats for the candidates. And like I said I feel an ad can tell you a lot. Granted like I said before who has better talk game. Granted not all the people I voted for won. But I do not feel like arguing over who I did or did not vote for.
As I sit and read my emails and see news headlines a few stories stick out to me. Three that kind of make me mad. One is going on in Florida- I mean really arresting people for feeding the homeless. Wow the new low for law enforcement I think. Seeing stories like this make me start to think differently about the police. I mean for years now we have started to see a rise in the law enforcement community misusing their power. And protect and serve is starting to go out the window. Now knowing me you know I am not a big fan of the police in general. Of course I have my reasons but for years I have noticed more and more. Killing of unarmed teenagers, beatings of people on the streets through dash cam videos and news reports daily filling the news up. I am not saying all cops are bad. Because I feel like there are a few that do their job they way they are supposed to. But I think there are glory hounds who want to be the badass cop. Case in point.. Three elderly men are feeding homeless.. And they get arrested for serving food to the people who need it the most. I mean what the hell… So now it is a crime for 90 year old men and pastors to be arrested for taking care of the needy. I could have sworn that I had this was the country that said give me your tired and weak … Hmmm I am perplexed to think that I now live in a world where you can be arrested for doing the right thing but not arrested for the things that are actually crimes. What sense does that make? To me none. Where we live in a society where abusers are glorified on television and movies and those that do the right thing are made look evil. I mean to me it does not make any sense. I am raising my son to not see those things but society is showing and glorifying the negative. I mean if you listen to the news or read a newspaper… The stories that are talked about either have to do with celebrities and things that are not really important.. And the news stories that should be important are not. They are pushed to the way side for meaningless bullshit. I personally could care less who is dating who in the Hollywood scene. I could care less about the man who is making billions by throwing a ball around. I want to hear news that actually affects me. Because honestly who someone in Hollywood dates doesn’t concern me one bit. I know I am not dating them and for real it is none of my business. Just as they could give two shits about who I am dating. The man with the billions of dollars doesn’t affect me. Not like he is going to give me a cut of his pay. Nope.. Still going to be a broke bitch . Our society is blinded by the stories of others lives. I mean what happened to the way things were when I grew up. Celebrity shit was not paraded around like a Thanksgiving Parade. It was left for a few television shows and gossip papers. Hell I know more about celebrities than I do my neighbors. It is sad that the stories that should be talked about turn out to be small parts of news stories. The fact that things are pushed to the side with not a blink of an eye. I just think it is sad that the important things in this life are not important. When is it going to be about the things that are right in the world? When is it going to be less about glitz and glam and more about life and things that matter? I do not think it will. And it bothers me to think that we live like this..

By aprilgaddis10

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