An open letter to the people of Ferguson

Dear Ferguson,

I am writing this because I want you to know how the rest of the country feels. See we watch on television every day now for months about the protesting and violence that you are doing to your town. Before Mike Brown got killed we had no idea about you. Just like any small town on the map- Most of us do not know you exist until something bad happens. And now you are all over the news with looting , violence and protestors who may or may not live in your community and you probably do not even know until all of this started. I am not saying that we as a country do not care. We do. We understand what is going on. But WE do not have to live there. We are in our homes during this time and we do not see this on the streets of our neighborhoods. See this is where I as a human being have an issue. You say that the violent acts of one man lead to the death of an unarmed young man. But yet you answer the violence with violence. I watched the video of the mother and her anger after the decision was made. I understand her anger. Where I have my son and can still hug him and see him continue his life. I do have a heart. And that heart angers me. No child should be shot no matter what race they are .. He was a child.. It is not right. But this story has flooded the news and internet for months and honestly it should have died down by now. Have you even noticed that another child was gunned down.. Another African American child- A 12 year old who was killed because he had an airsoft gun? Nope you are too busy destroying your city .. Too busy being self absorbed with the killing of a person who stole from a store and the confronted and cop. Well you are not the only city in the country that has kids dying daily over things they themselves did not provoke. You just do all the looting and violence and think you are going to change things. Well check this out… Not all protest need to be violent. I am sure your town has heard of Trayvon Martin… Well did any of you see his family and people cause as much destruction as you have? NO.. You saw the community rally behind them peacefully. You saw the world stand up after the verdict and try to make change without the violence that took his life. Yet the nation had one thing in mind… Start the discussion about the change that needs to happen. You may not know what you look like but the hatred you are doing throughout the community is showing the young people in your community that violence is the answer when you do not get the response you want. That will teach us right? So we show our kids that this is how we carry ourselves and it is okay to do all of this.. Wow can you imagine how they see us? You are smashing businesses , setting police cars on fire, beating each other, stealing, destroying people’s lives all in the name of what really? I would be ashamed to be setting the example for your kids that this is the way you get what you want. Well guess what …. IT IS NOT… Teach your kids that yes there are people in this world who do bad things but to be the change needed do not stoop to the level of the people who are causing it. Do something about it that would actually help be the change. The world we live in is a violent world. But you gain nothing by being what is wrong with this world. There are other ways to fight the injustice .. There are other ways to be heard.. You now after all of this violence what have you accomplished? Is Mike Brown alive now? Is the cop in jail? No neither of those things has taken place. And it never will. So why continue to set fire to your community and destroy what people have worked so hard to build when you get no outcome that you desire? Instead of doing all the negative that you are doing.. Fight to make sure that no other mother will have to cry about losing her child to violence. Teach our younger generation that getting an education and fighting the injustice they see now by becoming pillars of the community.. Be the change our children need.. Our children no matter what race learn from the actions of us.. So if we are to be the example.. Then what kind of world do we leave for our children? You want to be mad.. You want to act a fool that’s is on you completely but two wrongs do not make a right and all the damage you are doing to your own community.. You are leaving your children nothing… I pray that things will change and you will find peace out of this.. But yelling to “burn this motherfucker down” is not the way you get change..

Another mother that is ashamed to know we are still children ourselves

By aprilgaddis10

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