Race relations and The World!

Seeing as I am working on a paper for a class I am in. And I am being asked for my opinion about the situation and knowing that the teacher has before not seemed to agree with my opinion and I received a not so great grade. I feel as if this can be my personal place for me to share my true opinion about the subject. Granted I do not look at things as others do. I have lived on both sides so to speak. And I see the world in a different view. So the following is my opinion about the race relations here in the United States and abroad.
In the world for as long as there have been humans on this planet. There has always been conflict among people. From early times, many of the conflicts had to do with religion, what area you came from and what race you were associated with. From the Bible times- back in the beginning people were associated with tribes. You had the Egyptians and the Hebrews. They looked upon each other with hate and disgust. The people were persecuted due to the way others were raised to think of the other. Eventually the two groups were separated due to the Exodus of the Hebrews out of Egypt. Since early times we as a humans have been separated . And today it is still true. Granted things are more known now due to television , internet, news papers, and cell phone video. We can not open our eyes for one minute without seeing it. And it does not just happen here in the United States. It is not a new problem. I can think of numerous times I have looked and read the news on my yahoo account. It is happening in Europe, Asia, Africa, and yes here in the United States. In South Africa there are still people who believe that the white man is the greater race. In Europe the same thing happens. Asian countries you hear of people being locked up or killed because they are not from the country originally. And here in the United States on a hourly basis you can see where our now normal is the police killing people and basing it on race. Yet when I read a report that was written in 1959- the man who was writing it back then hit the nail on the head so to speak. As far as race goes- it does not matter where you are from at least once in your lifetime you have been affected by race in some way shape or form. Think about it.. I mean really think about it… We all have done it. And it is on all sides. What you see on television what is reported is mainly just the stuff people get upset over. But think about where you live.. Have you seen it? Where you work- have you seen it? When you are shopping- seen it then? I bet at least to one of the questions you have said yes. Well let’s take a look at it from another point of view.
When you have children and you look at that child do you want your child to feel better than someone because of the color of their skin? Where they are born? What religion they were brought up in? Who they love? The answer is no. You raise your child to not see the ugly side of that. And most parents pass on their beliefs to their children. You aren’t born and it is automatically just part of you . It is taught. I have raised my son to not see color. I have friends that are from all walks of life. I have lived in ghettos . I have lived in the country. I have worked in pretty much every possible environment known to man. I have never felt the need to judge anyone due to the color of their skin. You want to know what the real issue is .. Especially in the United States. We are living in a world where people still live in a world of discrimination. We do judge people by many things. And 95 % of us have done it in our everyday lives. We are still wanting to see the upheaval in our culture and we put it there. Now granted not everyone sees life as I do. And I may be shunned for the next statement. But if half of the people who are so vocal when the bad things happened could sit down and think before they help spread the hate. Be part of the solution. I mean what do you really get from adding violence to a violent world? You want America to change. You want the world to change. Well get off your asses and drop all the misconceptions on your fellow man and see that all the anger and hate just produces more hate. Back in the 50’s when the report was written it was tested on 11 and 12 year old white boys. All from the same background. Did they get along you may ask? Nope sure didn’t . They automatically chose sides. Well if you had thrown a Latin or African American in the mix back in the 50’s what do you think would happen? Well think of life today… We seem to all stick to our own group when the shit hits the fan. So you want to stop this.. Here is my suggestion.. And this is to everyone not just a specific race. get the fuck over yourselves. I mean really .. People of all races die in this country every single day. Granted it is on everyone’s minds because of the recent tragedies that have happened. White , African American, Latin Americans, Asians, Indian, Middle Eastern people get killed by the police and yet it is only talked about when it is a child. What about the families of the ones that were killed that you don’t hear about? When you sit back and look at the big picture it is not right to just single out one race. Is it going to change over night? No it has been this way since the beginning of time.. Yet throughout all of this nothing has changed. I think it is because we don’t want it to change. It is 2014 and yet we live in a world that is stuck back in the beginning. Do I feel that race plays a part in a lot of the killings ? Yes I do. Because of the fact that we are all brought up with the beliefs that the race thing is still around. When you are dying and need a organ to live.. Quick question… Would you turn it down if you found it came from someone who was not your race? I know I have no hate in my heart towards any race. And I know that I can not change the world but it is more than race. It has grown to many different discriminations .. Sexual orientation, religion, personal beliefs.. We are a hateful society and I am not just talking about America. I am talking in the whole world. We can act and say we want peace.. But truth is we all have hate. You want to be the change.. STOP HATING ! Look we can’t help what color we were born.. None of us can change that. Can we overcome what we are taught to hate? Yes.. Just give it a chance. We look at all the negative in the world and we talk about that. What about the good? How often do you hear good things about race in our world. In a world filled with hate and violence.. Try and focus on the good… There is some there. But instead we continue to stay back in the dark ages and refuse to all act like civilized humans.

By aprilgaddis10

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