Christmas…. I can’t see you! Can you hear me?

As I sat at a Wal- Mart and watched as the people walked in . It got me to thinking. Despite the festive decorations, Christmas music on the radio, The Elf in the Shelf pictures and the Salvation Army bell ringers accepting donations… I can’t seem to find Christmas. Yes I have done my shopping and decided to make some of the gifts. But despite all of that.. Christmas really does not feel like it is 12 days away. I remember when I was younger and would watch some of the Christmas specials and one especially caught my mind. A resounding sound of these words.. ” Peace on Earth and Good will to all men.” But even as I check my emails and read the stories in the news.. Those words do not ring true. This is supposed to be the time of year where we all are a little bit nicer, ugly sweaters and smiles for everyone. Yet if you look on any television that is not there. Granted there are stories of nice things being done. Mainly by the police right now. Because of all the police involved murders here lately. But where is the true meaning of Christmas at? We are all wrapped up in the buying of gifts and the making of cookies.. But where is the “Peace on Earth and Good Will towards all men.”? I for one would love to know. I know that the world keeps turning and that things are still going to happen. But can’t we just find the feeling that we used to have when we were kids? The magic of this holiday that it seems we all have forgotten. Instead of the feeling just one day of the year.. Why can’t we do it the other 364 days? I just miss the excitement that as I child I used to have. The whole bit of it. And yet, even though I have a child.. There deep down inside of me.. It still lives… So I guess my Christmas wish this year is simple… “PEACE ON EARTH AND GOOD WILL TOWARDS ALL MEN”

By aprilgaddis10

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